6 Strength-Training Workouts For Offensive Linesmen

In the game of gridiron football, the offensive linesman is a player who is in possession of the ball. Their role is limited to few steps during the game, followed by a round of wrestling match with their opponent. This means that an offensive linesman is the heaviest players on the field and possess excellent balance and quick movements. For a complete range of LB O-Line Performance products and their benefits, go through articles featured in www.gq.com.

You will notice that an offensive linesman is an important player in football. Several offensive line fitness programs and exercises will help you build muscle mass.

Football Bar
An offensive lineman’s shoulders have to bear the brunt during the entire game. The Bench Press involves pressing movements that resemble the high-adrenaline blocking movements seen on the field. On the flip side, this form of exercise exerts pressure on the shoulders. In this situation, you can resort to a Football Bar or a Swiss Bar that comes with a neutral grip while training.

Once the initial hurdles are overcome, and you get accustomed to the Swiss Bar, it leaves you feeling energetic and keeps your shoulders strong and firm.

Ask any football coach, and they will recommend to you Front Squats for strength in the lower body. These movements are beneficial for young offensive players with the Split Squat providing a greater advantage. You can add weights by including barbells or any other type of weights during the squat.

Benefits of this exercise include better hip mobility and endurance in the lower part of the body.

Heavy Sled Pull And Push
This strength- training exercise is performed using a sledge or a prowler machine. This type of workouts provides the offensive linesmen strength and the heavyweights force the body to develop the necessary power to run or block opponents in the field. When performed for distances over 20 yards, you can enjoy the good conditioning that it offers your body. Repeat the exercise for 20 seconds in order to get in shape.

Split Clean
An offensive linesman is the quickest among all the players, and with the Split Clean training, you can easily train your body to tackle a blitzing linebacker. The back must be flat with the hips protruding out as if preparing for a jump. Extend the hips while tugging at the bar. When the bar is at its farthest point, lock the elbows around the bar and land in a split stance.

Flying Medicine Ball Throw
During the game, blocking the opponent requires your hands and hips to work in coordination. In a three-point stance, an offensive player has to take a step as wide as 6-inches and then shoot the hips and hands to defend himself. This exercise mimics this movement seen in the game.

It is important to have a strong impact when placing your hands on the defendant. Push-ups help you build the strength. Keep your stomach firm and tight, and your elbows must be placed close to your body. Go all the way down and rise as high as you can.

These training exercises must regularly be practised and must not restrict during off-season workout alone.