Have a Jolly Time in Lexington

Lexington is not famous as a tourist destination, but it has a lot of potential for growth and development. It has picturesque spots, and if you have the desire to explore it, it can offer a lot to your palate. If you get to know about Lexington activities and resources, you will want to come to Lexington every year. You can get to see a lot more here if you choose to browse online. Beauty does not always lie in the eyes of the beholder- many things on the planet are genuinely gorgeous. Lexington is one of them without a shred of doubt.

Have loads of fun at Kentucky Horse Park
It is one of those places in Lexington where you can go not only with your spouse but also with your kids. Your entire family can have a gala time. It also houses the Smithsonian museum of the horse. You can get to know about all the essential aspects of horse-rearing. The Kentucky horse park is the gravesite of the historical horse Man o’ War. Please do not shy away from clicking selfies and post it on your social media accounts to grab the attention of your friends and family.

Mary Todd Lincoln House – your dose of history
Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the former fast lady of the US lived in Kentucky. Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln’s house is now a historical venue which you can visit to get informed about her life. You will be surprised to know that a large number of photographs from that era are still preserved in this monument.

Dancing at the bluegrass festival
Visiting Lexington in June can be an excellent and fun-filled idea. Being a part of the celebration of the bluegrass will be a joyful way to spend a couple of days at Kentucky. The organizers also conduct a musical workshop. Your kids will be supremely happy to learn about the basics of folk music of the great state of Kentucky.

Do not miss out on the Aviation Museum
The exhibits at this museum can take your breath away if you are an aviation enthusiast, then one day is never going to be enough for you. The aviation museum houses some brilliant F-4 Phantoms. The Bell Cobra copters will also grab your attention without a shred of doubt. You can even know about the most celebrated pilots who contributed to the aviation industry by visiting this super cool aviation museum.

The third street stuff and coffee- the best brew
No visit to Lexington is complete unless you taste the supremely delicious beer at this legendary café. It is not your regular drinkery because it carries itself the weight of history. The brews are made in house and quality is never going to be an issue with them. You can get to whet your appetite even if you are a teetotaler. The third street stuff and coffee will present you with some top-notch beverages as well. The ambiance will make you fall in love with it.