Cultivate Your Cannabis With Less Time!


Growing cannabis is no longer a risky or tedious task. With adequate aids, nourishment and proper knowledge on weed cultivation, you can now expand your weed cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors. Plant Sily gives you the perfect 10 tips on how to grow your weed in abundance and in the right way to get plenty of yields. Also, you can Find Out More efficient methods of weed breeding by the use of smart pots and air pots by doing a little research of your own through browsing and reading weed cultivation articles.

Smart Pots And Air Pots – Better Alternatives For Weed Growth!

What are Smart Pots?

A smart port is a plant growing tub which is completely made up of a tight fabric. It is usually much wider and broad when compared with a regular plant pot or container. Hence to grow more plants, you will need a bigger space since these pots take up some space. For smart ports to be kept indoors and not wet your floors, you will need to base it with a large tray. The water that seeps out will be much more as the pot is made of fabric and not plastic.

The benefit of growing in smart pots is that you can grow large plants in them as well in them. Even if you grow a huge sized plant in it, the smart pot would not fall over. Also, these kind of pots are available in larger sizes as well.

What are Air Pots?

An air pot is made of a plastic container with perforations. This solid pot is tall and slim with bubble spaces for air on its sides. It has a small narrow base when compared to smart pots and hence if you plant giant or tall plants in it, there is a chance the plant will tip over along with the pot. You might need to place a tray at the bottom, but since the pot is tall and thin, when compared with smart pot, it seeps less water.

Benefits of using Smart Pots and Air Pots over Regular Ones!

The roots are benefited by the huge amounts of oxygen delivered, due to the perforations in the air pot and the fabric of the smart pot. Both smart pots and airports ensure that the roots are not bound thereby ensuring that transplantation of plants is not needed. This is done by trimming off dead, overgrown parts of the plant. The plant roots otherwise would wrap around the container and congest the roots, which is what normally happens in case of regular pots.

One of the main difficulties you might be facing will be overwatering your weed. This does not happen in case of a smart pot or air pot, but you might need to pour water more often. You would need to get a bigger sized container for smart pots or air pots as the soil dries out faster than that of the regular pots.

If your home or flat has lesser space for cultivation and wishes to grow multiple plants, it better to opt for air pots as they are slim and fit into small spaces. If you wish to grow some tall plants in a short space, then you could always go with smart pots as they won’t tip your plant over.

If you prefer to go environment-friendly, it is better for you to go with smart pots. These alternatives will surely help your weeds grow verdant and strong. Try these methods and get better results with your weed!

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