Women in NYC that have lost their breasts after mastectomy can find relief with breast reconstruction. This is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon and can be done simultaneously with mastectomy. NYC women prefer immediate reconstruction of a breast after mastectomy, but this depends on the treatment and post operative conditions. Immediate reconstruction may not be possible for all women after surgery this can be best left to the breast surgeon. Women can feel comfortable and confident about their looks after a mastectomy as plastic surgery can help reconstruct your breast.

Though, the success of breast reconstruction lies in choosing the right treatment method. This can be done using breast implants or natural tissue like skin fat or muscles or a combination of both methods. There is nothing called the best method for reconstruction though it depends on the anatomy of the patient and the aesthetic goals. Using breast implants like silicone gel may be less extensive when compared to using natural likes from your body. But in the later case the results look natural. Whichever procedure you choose the success depends on the women selected for the procedure. Body shape also plays a vital role in deciding a procedure. Those with larger breasts have to go for breast reduction for a symmetrical look. It is best left to the breast reconstruction NYC surgeon to decide on the right procedure.

Whether you opt for immediate or delayed construction, a stay at the hospital cannot be avoided. There are maybe follow-up procedures are required, but these can be done on an outpatient basis. Some of the complications are likely to occur for those women that are obese and smokers. A surgeon can provide a valuable solution for people who are overweight. Quitting smoking and reducing weight can reduce the risk of any infection or reconstruction failure. The plastic surgeon will suggest weight loss programs for quick and effective results.

Breast implants can be inserted and it is a simple procedure. With age the breasts change, and it is important to give a uniform look. Over a period of time, the implants have to be changed as the normal breasts tend to change shape. Nipple reconstruction also will be done with permanent implants. Women with breast cancer find relief with breast reconstruction. For a natural looking breast, it is important to get only the best of treatment. First a breast mount is created that can address the nipple balancing act. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia. Some of the other techniques used include skin expansion and flap reconstruction.

There are risks involved in breast reconstruction. Post operative complications like bleeding, infection, delay in healing and hernia may arise. This may be due to the implants and can be treated with medication. Post operative care is provided by the plastic surgeon that can help in quick healing. After the breast construction, the patient can resume normal activities within a few weeks. Constant monitoring is needed to provide best of results. Total recovery is possible within six weeks.