Dating Tips for WomenHere are a few dating tips for women from that are identified after the deep research, personal experience, and informal interviews. These tips are only for women, and these are not for men. But still they can be benefited by reading them as well. 1. Games will never get you what you truly want

Try to be a quality partner by being sincere, honest, and genuine to enjoy the quality relationship. The men and women who are honest will always end up with a good relationship.

2. Accept nothing less than full attentiveness and advanced plans

If you find him inattentive during the dates or he doesn’t listen to you during the dates, then it is good to move on. If he doesn’t show any interest when you tell him about your dating plans, then it is good to move on for sure.

3. Two-week acid test

If you see a sign of positive note from him after a period of two weeks from your dating day, then it is good to move on. His negative response shows that he is not interested in you.

4. Proportional courtesy

Try to compensate his orders by ordering something equal to what he does. Some men usually appreciate this and consider it as a good sign.

5. Demonstrate appreciation

Try to use whatever he buys for you. It can be food, drink, even your cosmetics or bags. Try to appreciate it as well. Men really find it difficult to shop for women. So it is better if you appreciate his attempt.

6. All money matters

Try to thank or accept his spending of money for you as a sign of simplicity. Spending money for someone you like sounds affectionate as well as attractive for women. Try to recognize his efforts

7. Giving merry-go-round

Try to give things back to make him happy. Reciprocate your efforts to make him surprise and excited through a gift or moment for what he has done for you.

8. Ex-talk contaminates dates

Don’t talk about your ex-relationship strictly. This would spoil your date. It is obvious that everybody would have an ex-relationship that they have come across. So don’t try revealing it and spoil your first date.

9. Save your life story for your autobiography

Don’t open your mouth about your whole life story. Try to keep it secret so that things remain as mysteries, and so he will be surprised to listen to it every time you start

10. Being yourself is your best act

Don’t try to act as is you are too smart with fake uncomfortable expressions. Try staying your own self. This would attract every man and also don’t forget that you are one of the unique creatures in this world. So staying yourself will definitely attract the men.

11. Keep your eyes pretty

Loyalty is an important quality for a man in a relationship. So don’t try to look at other men when you are with your man. This will lower his interest for you.

Try following the above steps to find your perfect man.